Taking time to stoke the flame of our passion for classic films, sound and silent; attempting not to hurt the feelings of differing genres of movie making. And hoping to spread the love of movies of a particular age to those who as of yet have not seen the flickering-light of cinematic truth that: older is better!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d like to get in contact with C.S. Williams who posted a biography on this site of Willard Otis Turner. I’m doing my own research on Turner and I’d like to ask Mr. Williams about how he accessed some of his sources. Please reply if you can help me contact him.

    • Thanks much for the well documented article on Beverly Howard Griffith. I have long been interested in Beverly as he is a cousin. Would like to know why C.S. Williams became interested in Beverly and how he became aware of him. Thanks very much for your response.

      • I am C. S. Williams, it is good to meet you. I was researching on Edna Maison (here is the link to her bio: http://wp.me/p47xQQ-1Kt) and came upon Mr. Griffith. I was immediately drawn to his perseverance and his varied talents. As I studied and researched Beverly Howard Griffith, I understood that his story needed to be told. If you have any information or family photos that you would like to be included in Mr. Griffith’s bio, let me know, and I will promptly look over what you have. If you would like to continue this conversation, you may email me at: classicfilmaficionados@gmail.com. Hoping you have a great rest of your weekend,


        C. S. Williams

  2. Dear C.S. Williams,
    Thank you so much for your research on Isabel Johnston. I’d like to ask you to fix the caption under the photo of Isabel and Agnes. Agnes is on the right. I knew both of them personally, so I am certain about who is who. Again, thank you for the informative posting on my Great Grandmother! ~SS

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