F. W. Murnau, Happy Birthday! Born December 28th; 1888-1931

murnau sjff_02_img0783

F. W. Murnau

Storyteller supreme is an apt title for Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe, better known as F. W. Murnau; 21 movies in 12 years, his career stopped short by an automobile accident, just prior to the premier of his last film, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas, in 1931.

What a genius for moving-pictures he had and we are all the more blessed to have what little record we do have.  The space (and time) needed to explain the gifts of Murnau, well, time and space fail me and maybe my words as well; for I seem so awed by his talent that the terminology that comes to me seems weak, feeble before his brilliance that is so clearly seen in his work.

Drama, legends, horror, romance and complicated comedies were part and parcel with Murnau. Nosferatu, still what I consider to be the creepiest of all vampire films; Sunrise a poignant gut wrenching, tear-jerker filled with lust, deception, love and as the subtitle implies full of the music of life. I will cease my chatter here and let you be reminded of his work by looking over some of the posters that I have provided from his films. I implore you to buy, rent, stream, whatever you have to do, watch and pay especially close attention to the movies, the art and the language of F. W. Murnau.

murnauSatanás_1murnau 1920 Der Bucklige und die Tanzerin (ale) 01murnau tumblr_m0xkh7YZEI1r0i1g5o1_500murnauAbend+nacht+morgen+(1920)murnau the-haunted-castle-movie-poster-1921-1020442722murnauNosferatu-Original-Postermurnau 936full-der-brennende-acker-postermurnaudXFLaYhk4gY746TeUzYx9PDxMaYmurnauFinances_of_the_Grand_Duke-804337324-largemurnau tumblr_lvoe64GND71qa6hmqo1_500murnauTartuffe-241248143-largemurnau faust_postermurnau Sunrise-Postermurnau 1928_4_Devils-971x808murnauuntitledmurnautabu_cov-15

F. W. Murnau film list:

1931 Tabu: A Story of the South Seas

1930 City Girl

1928 4 Devils

1927 Sunrise

1926 Faust

1925 Tartuffe

1924 The Last Laugh

1924 Finances of the Grand Duke

1923 Die Austreibung (Short)

1922 Phantom

1922 Der brennende Acker

1922 Nosferatu

1922 Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna

1921 The Haunted Castle

1921 Desire

1921 The Dark Road

1920 Abend – Nacht – Morgen

1920 Der Januskopf

1920 Der Bucklige und die Tänzerin

1920 Satanas

1919 Emerald of Death


By C. S. Williams


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