White Christmas: Still More, Behind the Scenes



White Christmas the Music:

Contractual obligations to Columbia records prevented Rosemary Clooney from recording the cast album for the movie “White Christmas”, because it was with Decca; Peggy Lee stepped in for the official movie release. Clooney got her due with a Columbia release with selected songs from the movie. Also, MCA was afforded the same opportunity to use selected songs from the film with Crosby, Kaye and Peggy Lee.


White Christmas Soundtrack

White Christmas Clooney


White Christmas Technical:

Explanations of the VistaVision screen perspective.




This Vista Vision was accomplished through the work of the Lazy 8 Camera which was a modified version of the camera used to film the William Fox Natural Colour System; those cameras (a dual lens) were built by the William P. Stein Company of New York. As with many technical advancements and experimentations, the original system was disposed of, and some were bought by other studios or collectors.[1]

The Fox Colour System was long forgotten until the 3-D craze hit and John R. Bishop (the head of the Paramount Studio camera and film processing department), decided to conduct some tests, and found that the system was “ideal” (to borrow a oft repeated phrase from White Christmas) for wide-screen photography.[2]

The Cine Technician February, 1954

The Cine Technician February, 1954


The Cine Technician February, 1954

The Cine Technician February, 1954


The Cine Technician February, 1954

The Cine Technician February, 1954


White Christmas Wardrobe:

Sketches for “White Christmas” of dresses for Ms. Rosemary Clooney by costume designer, Edith Head and a photo of Clooney wearing a test dress.





White Christmas Behind the Scenes Captured:

A cast photo of Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, Barrie Chase and director Michael Curtiz.



More behind the scenes of White Christmas…





White Christmas Poster Art:



White Christmas Lobby Cards

White Christmas Poster Italy



By C. S. Williams



[1] The Cine Technician, February, 1954

[2] The Cine Technician, February, 1954

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