Jack Brammall, Forgotten Man of Stage and Screen

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Jack Brammall Jack Brammall

John George Gardner Brammell or Bramall (records differ, which was the family-name then is unclear, since he used each variation), was born in Rochdale (a suburb of Manchester, about thirteen-miles to the northwest), England, on October 15, 1879 to George and Ellen; he arrived in the United States in 1902. In 1907 at the age of twenty-seven he married Ruby Leona Ross, on September 25; they would have a daughter, Leona (Lee), in October of 1908. Brammell was a man of medium height at 5’7,” quite slender weighing only 135-pounds, blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes; this afforded him the opportunity to play juvenile roles well into his late thirties. Brammell used different spellings throughout his career: Bramall, Bramhall, Brammail and the most popular being Brammall; Jack, John, J. G. and John G. were often seen before his family name. In the very early days he was also referred…

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