Rip Van Winkle, a 1914 Sleeper, Starring Thomas Jefferson

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Moving Picture World, November 14, 1914 Moving Picture World, November 14, 1914

The Jefferson name had been inexorably tied to, Rip Van Winkle since the mid 1800’s, when first Joseph Jefferson III who appeared in a different version (playing the role for fourteen years[1]) to his son’s and grandson’s productions. Joseph Jefferson appeared in Washington D. C., Australia and London as the twenty-year-sleeper. Mr. Jefferson’s first rumbles as Rip were of his own writing, using several sources from previous plays and the Washing Irving story itself. The initial Rip nap by Jefferson was seen in Washington D. C. at Carusi’s Hall in autumn of 1859. Jefferson had rehearsed and studied the part during the whole of that summer in a barn on the property of a Dutch farm-house he had rented for him and his family in Pennsylvania, in Paradise Valley, located at the foothills of the Pocono Mountains.[2]

Joseph Jefferson Joseph Jefferson

In 1865…

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