Transatlantic Tunnel; Hurrah! A Thrilling Subway Sci-Fi Drama

Classic Film Aficionados


From my earliest memories I have lived with the knowledge and particular thrill associated with it, that I love tunnels; the sound of vehicles traveling through a concrete tube, which passes under the massive bulk of a mountain or the crushing weight of water, still has the power to accelerate my heart rate. With each passing of a tunnel, short or long, with appearance of safety or danger, that experience still has the ability to stimulate my imagination to something larger, to point into the future where a great hulking tunnel would span an ocean.

As a child I had my own subway building experience (unadvisedly as it was) with an idle pile of #57 gravel (typical for driveways), comingled with dirt and coarse sand, combining to make a mountain (at least it seemed so, to an eight year old boy) suitable for burrowing. My family’s plot of land was neigh…

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