Mother’s Boy; the First Pathé All-Talking, All-Singing Moving-Picture: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother's Boy slideMother's Boy Lobby Card stand alone 3

Mother’s Boy strangely enough, received its copyright from the Library of Congress on May 19, 1929, and was listed as an eight reel (82 minutes) film with the Copyright Office. Not to leave my ‘strangely’ remark unexplained, I find it odd since Mother’s Boy had its world-premiere on Thursday, April 11, 1929, in New London, Connecticut,[1] with star Morton Downey making an appearance at the debut, being a favorite Nutmegger son (Downey was born in Wallingford, Connecticut); many cities saw the film before it was copyrighted. The opening for Mother’s Boy was staggered, common for that era (although this would soon change; see our post on The Love Parade, for further information on the advent of simultaneous release) with another grand-opening in Buffalo, New York at the Great Lakes Theater, with a midnight showing on Friday, May 3, 1929.[2] In New York City the premier of Mother’s…

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