The Fountainhead, Often and Oftener Viewings Makes It Better and Better

With each viewing of The Fountainhead rather than growing tired of the 65 year old picture, I admire it more and more. Raymond Massey was never more sleazy (in the first two-thirds of the movie), Cooper, strong, silent, never more Cooperesque than in The Fountainhead and Patricia Neal, never more beautiful. Here are some scenes and lobby-cards from the original individualist-film about the original cinematic individualist man.

1344995332_5453_fountainhead 1345922418-00 4294196663_4a683bb780 Annex - Cooper, Gary (Fountainhead, The)_01 Annex - Cooper, Gary (Fountainhead, The)_07 Final scene fountainhead Fountainhead_325Pyxurz Fountainhead_1949_4 fountainhead-1 fountainhead05dailyicon Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal Howard+Roark+Fountainhead movie_fountainhead_lobby8_signed qe1Dk FOUNTAINHEAD, Jack Mower, Patricia Neal, Gary Cooper, 1949, drilling roel_fountainhead still-of-gary-cooper-in-the-fountainhead-(1949)-large-picture The 1949 film version of Ayn Rand's novel, The Fountainhead The-Fountainhead thefountainhead4-1 title THE_FOUNTAINHEAD-0 vlcsnap-5873358 008-the-fountainhead-theredlist 527cf92be8e44e95f6000005_the-fountainhead-everything-that-s-wrong-with-architecture_d5d05decc7ca98b964e144749b62f3b6-530x413 600full-the-fountainhead-poster 936full-the-fountainhead-screenshot 700385_orig


C. S. Williams


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