The Many Faces of Boris Karloff; a Happy Birthday Remembrance

Happy Birthday, Boris Karloff November 23rd. An Icon of horror cinema, Karloff ranks with Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price as the most recognizable faces. Clearly, he and Chaney are the best actors that the horror genre has had to offer. With more than 150 film appearances, with performances in 7 decades, Karloff’s is a career to be treasured; portrayals, which are subtle yet riveting.

A bit trivia: Boris Karloff was denied the privilege of playing in the classic comedy “Arsenic and Old Lace” with Cary Grant, because Broadway producers Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse were concerned that letting the star of the Broadway run would hurt sales; Josephine Hull, Jean Adair and John Alexander, all got time off from the New York play to make the film version, sans Karloff. Raymond Massey played up the part with the running joke that he looked like Boris Karloff; not quite as amusing as Karloff being likened as Karloff on stage.



boris-karloff-125843 boriskarloff-in-man-with-nine-li.newsreel Boris-Karloff-laboratory boriskarloff-theblackcat boris-karloff-theredlist boriskarlooFrankenstein's_monster_(Boris_Karloff)(2) borisMummy_img0 borisMV5BMTY4MzIyNDg2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzY4NTM2Nw@@._V1._SX470_SY360_ borisstill-of-boris-karloff-in-the-raven boristhe-criminal-code-boris-karloff-1931 boristumblr_l9r6fwjMaj1qdx4k4 boristumblr_m7qzglanMi1rs4g4mo1_500 borisvincent_price_reads_to_peter_lorre_boris_karloff_and_basil_rathbone boriswong borisyoungKarloff Boris Karloff (1932 The Mummy)_02 boris_karloff___the_nickel-hopper Boris_Karloff_Triple_Feature-02_The_Invisible_Menace-DVD-R0-Warner-03035 boris8cbfe134-38c7-409f-ac4b-6dcd9595d8dc boris009-boris-karloff-theredlist boris25-bedlam-400 boris600full-boris-karloff boris600full-boris-karloff1 boris1942-vincent-price-joseph-schildkraut-and-boris-karloff boris6010full-boris-karloff boris9089-2508 boris9089-8125 boris9089-8916 boris9089-11711 boris9089-16831 boris9089-19896 boris9089-20773 boris970797_459339020825482_1802365420_n boris2612018_f520 boris11535492_1 boris11535495_1 borisAnnex - Karloff, Boris (Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)_10 borisbedlam-boris-karloff-1946 borisd1ec0e_3a092167347db9e9e1f7a319eb644b18.jpg_256 borisdkarloff2-sized borisFrankenstein-1970-Boris_l boris-karloff-2 boriskarloff7 boriskarloff10 boriskarloff3912_tn


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