Laura, Happy Anniversary! Celebrating the Opening of this Classic Mystery


Today is as good a good day as any to celebrate the opening of the 1944 masterpiece directed by Otto Preminger. The mystery premiered in New York on October 11,[1] but was released nationally in November of 1944.[2] For Laura, a staggered release was in store, and saw many openings, from November 1, through the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, and beyond.



Harrisburg Evening News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) November 1, 1944


Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) November 12, 1944



Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) November 16, 1944


Cumberland News (Cumberland, Maryland) November 16, 1944


Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) November 17, 1944


Eerie, moody, great atmosphere, a witty script and a performance to remember by Clifton Webb as Waldo Lydecker… what a movie! Also can a detective be any tougher than Dana Andrews’ portrayal? And Vincent Price is as smarmy as they come as Shelby. With the glorious Gene Tierney, cool, almost cold in the title role; and the always creepy Judith Anderson in support.




Laura is available on Blu-ray at and also can be found on DVD, both used and new on


By C. S. Williams


[1] Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York) October 9, 1944

[2] Motion Picture Daily, August 23, 1944


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