Oscar Micheaux, Director, Producer, Writer and Film Pioneer!


Oscar Micheaux

Oscar Micheaux, Director, Producer, Writer, Presenter and film promoter with 42 credits as Director, 38 films as Producer and 39 movies as Writer. Micheaux was the first African-American to make a feature-length movie (The Homesteader) which was released in 1919, 2 years before Charlie Chaplin made “The Kid” (Chaplin’s first feature). He made forays into nearly every genre: Social-Dramas, Comedies and Westerns, traditional Dramas, Mysteries, Musicals and Gangster films. Many are offended by some stereotypical casting decisions he made in certain of his films, but, like his work, love his work, respect his content and his methods or not, none of us can doubt that he was a true film pioneer. I rejoice that Oscar Micheaux did not give in to the restraints and restrictions which legal racism constructed, nor give up under the great pressure laid upon his shoulders financially and socially, but that he continued to give out; for that, we are all blessed, not only as devotees of film but also as lovers of the human-race.

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Directing star of stage in his film debut: Paul Robeson


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By C. S. Williams


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