George Arthur Gray, Scenario Editor, Screen-Writer; Hollywood Publicity Man

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George Arthur Gray was considered and expert on child psychology, a magazine writer and author;[1] Gray was announced as the new assistant manager of serial publicity for Pathé, in March of 1919.[2] By 1928 Gray had been named West Coast Scenario Editor;[3] 1924 saw the release of the ten-chapter-play, Leatherstocking, directed by George B. Seitz; now while Gray was not part of the crew, he did prepare the photoplay edition, with photos from that film, entitled: Leather Stocking.

A funny story is how Gray got his start in the picture business; he was working at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, newspaper. His editor sent him to review a film by Fox; Gray gave a glowing response (this was a first for the Cleveland, Ohio, paper, normally bashing Fox productions), and William Fox sent Gray a personal letter offering him a job.[4]

Gray saw work on ten films, most often paired with Frank Leon Smith and seeing his written word come to life under the direction of Spencer Gordon Bennet. In between writing for film, to make ends meet, Gray worked for Al Selig, in the publicity department of the Tiffany Company.[5]


Crimson FlashYellow Cameo

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C. S. Williams

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