Tracked by the Police, Happy Anniversary! Premiered May 7, 1927

Tracked by the Police poster 2 Track by the Police poster 1



Tracked by the Police was directed by Ray Enright (so many Westerns), and Edward Sowders (several films with Erich von Stroheim) was the assistant director. Tracked was written by Gregory Rogers (AKA Darryl F. Zanuck), with the screenplay by Johnnie Grey (tons of short-subjects and a load of Harold Lloyd films), cinematography by Edwin B. DuPar (no genre could tie him down), editing cuts made by Owen Marks (he would work on some of Hollywood’s best known productions: Casablanca, 1942, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948,  White Heat, 1949 and East of Eden, 1955). The film starred the wonder dog, Rin Tin Tin and his girl, Nanette the Dog; did I mention Jason Robards Sr. (one B-Movie after another) and Virginia Brown Faire [1] (many Westerns fair and better)? Consider them mentioned, although both were billed below the great Rin Tin Tin, but above Nanette.


Tracked by the Police,  Photoplay Magazine(July 1927) Tracked by the Police Rin Tin Tin  photo and description from The Western, From Silents to Cinerama By George N. Fenin and William K. Everson, The Orion Press, New York, 1962

Tracked by the Police Nanette and Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin (on the right) and Nanette

Tracked by the Police Virgubua Brown Faire

Tracked by the Police Jason Robards Sr.

Jason Robards Sr.



By C. S. Williams


[1] Not only was the name Brown sometimes spelled Browne, also, Faire and Brown occasionally would be interchanged.


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