Double Door, Happy Anniversary! Premiered on May 4, 1934

Double Door poster



Double Door, written by Elizabeth McFadden had a quick and successful ride on Broadway, premiering at the Ritz Theatre on September 21, 1933 and closing on January 20, 1934.[1] In less than three weeks from it’s opening night the film rights to Double Door were purchased by Paramount,[2] with the payment amount determined by length of run; [3] this practice was the ‘norm’ in Hollywood at the time. The star of the Broadway production of Double Door, Mary Morris, was tabbed by Paramount as the female counterpart of Boris Karloff; the company began looking for a horror story in which to feature her. [4] Double Door (the subtitle was: “The Play that Shocked Broadway”[5]) saw immediate positive reviews and glowing accolades for Morris; this was to be the only film for Mary Morris who it seems, felt more at home on the stage.

Charles Vidor directed,  Jack Cunningham and  Gladys Lehman provided the screen adaptation, Harry Fischbeck was the cinematographer. Double Door starred the aforementioned Mary Morris, Anne Revere (reprising her Broadway role), Evelyn Venable (the actual top billed name) and Kent Taylor. Double Door is available on DVD

Double Door Wednesday May 2 1934 The Film Daily (2) Double Door Friday May 4 1934 Motion Picture Daily Double Door 2



By C. S. Williams



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