Eyes of the Underworld, Happy Anniversary! Opened on April 28, 1929, another Lost Film

Eyes of the Underworld poster



Eyes of the Underworld was produced by Universal Pictures (another Universal film considered lost) and was released on Sunday, April 28, 1929. Eyes was a silent black & white, 5 reel picture, directed by Leigh Jason (The Mad Miss Manton, 1938, Three Girls About Town, 1941) and Ray Taylor (serials, series-films, B-movies: Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery 1935, Flash Gordon {uncredited}, 1936, Dick Tracy, 1937 and more than 150 other titles). The story and scenario was penned by Leigh Jason and Val Cleveland (Carl Krusada, tons of western titles, and a significant amount of work in silents), titles by Val Cleveland (AKA Carl Krusada), the photography by Al Jones and Frank Redman (a lot of series work: Dick Tracy, The Falcon, The Saint). Eyes of the Underworld Starred, Bill Cody (Pat Doran), Sally Blane (Florence Hueston), Arthur Lubin (Gang Leader), Harry Tenbrook (Gimpy Johnson), Charles Clary (John Hueston) and Monty Montague (Gardener).

The plot goes as such: John Hueston is a wealthy newspaper publisher, who plans on publishing an exposé of a criminal gang, but before the article can go to press, publisher Hueston is shot dead. Pat Doran, a rich sportsman, consoles Hueston’s daughter Florence, at her home, when members of the gang break into the house in an effort to get the incriminating evidence that Florence’s father has accumulated. Pat chases the crooks off and then follows them to their lair; the criminals capture Pat, and they imprison him on a deserted island, but Pat escapes , manages to round up the gang, and wins the love of Florence.


Eyes of the Underworld article Tuesday April 24 1928 Film Daily Eyes of the Underworld ad Moberly_Monitor_Index_Wed__May_22__1929_ Eyes of the Underworld article The_Mason_City_Globe_Gazette_Mon__Jun_17__1929_Eyes fo the Underworld August 8 1928 Hollywood Magazine Eyes of the Underworld ad The_Chillicothe_Constitution_Tribune_Sat__May_11__1929_ Eyes of the Underworld ad The_Kansas_City_Star_Sat__Nov_2__1929_



Eyes of the Underworld Bill Cody

Bill Cody

Eyes of the Underworld Sally Blane


Eyes of the Underworld Monte Monteague

Monte Monteague


Eyes of the Underworld Charles Clary1

Eyes of the Underworld Arthur Lubin.php

Arthur Lubin

Eyes of the Underworld Harry Tenbrook

Harry Tenbrook


By C. S. Williams



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