The Voice on the Wire, Happy Anniversary! Silent-Serial, Premiered, March 18, 1917. Lost, Mostly Forgotten

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On that Sunday in March with spring at the doorstep of 1917, an action-adventure-mystery-romance-serial began its fifteen week run. The Voice on the Wire clearly had the attention of the nation. No expense was being spared for the promotion of this actioner, VOW, made available to the theater many illustrations in full color, posters and lobby cards; in addition, novelties such as, buttons and a miniature telephone[i] (please do not forget to take advantage of the endnotes), were manufactured for the, supernatural, super-amalgamated movie. On all accounts, VOW, was a box-office blockbuster, packing houses nationwide for the movie-goers’ weekly dose of thrills and chills. Unfortunately, we have no known copy of The Voice on the Wire, to make our own judgment as to the film’s worthiness or its cinematic expertise.[ii]

The material for this weekly serialized film was taken from the novel, “The Voice on the Wire,” by…

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