That Royle Girl, Presumed Lost, But Not Forgotten.

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That Royle Girl premiered in Chicago, on Saturday, November 21, 1925[i], at the Balaban & Katz Uptown Theater located at Broadway and Lawrence Ave., (Uptown Theater had just opened its doors on August 18 of 1925) and had a general release on Monday, December 7 (according to Internet Movie Data Base and other sources), 1925; but this information seems a bit sketchy because the movie debuted on Tuesday, December 1, 1925 at the Regent Theater, in Norwalk[ii], Connecticut, and in Nevada, Missouri (south of Kansas City), it opened at the Star Theater on Wednesday, December 2, 1925[iii]. Setting the exact date of release may not be reasonable for Royle, as with most films of that era, small cities and towns received a print that was well worn by the time of its small-town premier. Primarily, why December 7, 1925 is so often considered the official release…

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