Golgotha, Premiered on April 12, 1935 in Paris France.

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golgotha-img-20424 Golgotha Republic Pictures golgotha_(1935)_aka_behold_the_man Golgotha05 Golgotha1935

Golgotha (AKA: Behold the Man or Ecce Homo) was the first sound film of the life of Christ, it was directed and written by Julien Duvivier, with the cinematography by Jules Kruger, the costumes were designed by Jacques-Philippe Heuzé, the makeup artist was Acho Chakatouny; Golgotha was edited by Marthe Poncin, with the production design handled by Jean Perrier and the music was composed by Jacques Ibert (the Golgotha Suite is masterful[i]), with the score being played by the Paris Symphony Orchestra.[ii] The film starred Robert Le Vigan as Christ, Harry Baur as Herod, Jean Gabin appeared as Pilate, Charles Granval as Caiaphas the High Priest, Lucas Gridoux portrayed Judas, and Hubert Prélier as Peter.

Golgotha received rave reviews, and it was considered one of the Top Foreign Films of 1937 by the National Board of Review, and soon Golgotha became a favorite of Churches and civic groups in North…

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