Barbara Hale, Happy Birthday, Born April 18, 1922; our Best Wishes to this Lovely Actress.

Barbara HaleHale Barbara Hale lounge

By the time the first season of the CBS legal series Perry Mason was drawing to a close Barbara Hale had completed 38 films and had gathered a few starring roles to her résumé, including: The Window (top of the bill) & And Baby Makes Three, 1949, The Jackpot & Emergency Wedding, 1950 and Lorna Doone (top of the bill again), 1951, which were produced at her zenith. Ms. Hale had her debut in Gildersleeve’s Bad Day, in 1943, she was just 21 years old, the role was uncredited, but within three years she would have second billing in The Falcon in Hollywood, playing sidekick to Tom Conway’s Falcon. Her performances were filled with warmth, humor, sincerity and a genuine wholesomeness, which was and is, difficult to find in Hollywood.


halethe-falcon-out-west-movie-poster-1944-1020558539hale the-falcon-in-hollywoodHale West of the Pecos (2)Hale first-yank-into-tokyoHale lady-luckHale the-boy-with-green-hairHale The_windowHale andbabymakesthreeHale TheJackpotHale emergencyweddingHale LornaDooneHale last-of-the-comanchesHale FarHorizonsHale 7th CavalryHale OKLAHOMANHale Deserthell



hale falconhollywood26760hale falcon hollywood26761

Hale Far Horizons

The Far Horizons


By C. S. Williams


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