Crack in the World, Happy Anniversary! Premiered April 15, 1965.

crackcrackintheworld crack+roof+lc crack21422_3 cracking

A Crack in the World was the first movie that scared me; it was everything that a nerdy young boy could want in a Sci-Fi film: action, destruction, mayhem, science, (did I mention destruction), and intelligent heroes. In CITW the villains are not so much malevolent as they are stubborn, self-interested, egotists, ready to take any risk to prove their theories. So today I really do celebrate the anniversary of the grand-opening (pardon the pun) of the Crack in the World, for not only is it a fine exploration of how our unbridled pursuits can bring devastation to our lives, it appears a prognostication credible, its fiction believable, raising the Scare-O-Meter considerably; this internal Meter is what every youngster (of heart or years) uses to rate the movies they watch, and feel are worthy of their allowance. Howard Thompson of the New York Times said “‘Crack’ is the choice one—the best science-fiction thriller this year,” and I will leave it with Mr. Thompson’s words and join my encouragement with his when he said: “the whole thing is intelligent, compact and tingling. Good show. Go.” A Crack in the World is available on Blu-Ray and at a reasonable price to boot.


By C. S. Williams


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