Paul Robeson, Happy Birthday! Born April 9; 1898-1976


Paul Robeson had a big voice, was an actor of ‘Bigger than Life’ roles, a performer of unique intensity, with a passion that easily communicated to the movie-goer, the emotions and the ranges of Robeson’s emotions, thereby gifting the viewer with an experience that few actors, before or since, have been able to achieve. His was a powerful presence which carried his characterizations beyond the written words, past the lyrics he sung, shining brightly, so silver-brightly that the silver-screen could hardly contain him. He appeared in numerous stage productions on Broadway and in London, yet he made just 13 movies; which is our loss.

(Films of Mr. Robeson without an image for representation are: Camille (a short-subject), 1926, Borderline (a late silent feature), 1930, and he provided his voice as narrator for Native Land, 1942.)



With Director Oscar Micheaux


robeson The_Emperor_Jonesrobeson Sanders_of-the-River_1935robeson sanders of the riverrobesonShow Boat (1936)_01robeson Song_of_Freedomrobeson big-fella-robeson big-fella-1937robesonKing-Solomon's-Mines_1937robesonking-solomons-mines1937robesonjericho robesonJericho_FilmPoster robesonProud Valley robeson proud valleyrobeson_tales_of_manhattanrobesonTales-of-manhattan-1942



By C. S. Williams



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