Noel Monkman and His Filmography

Noel Monkman

Noel Monkman

With the following list I have been as thorough as possible with the resources available to me. I have included as much description as found. Primarily, I used three sources for this list: the British Film Institute, the National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. For further information on Noel Monkman please see our blog for The Power and the Glory. Also, for our convenience, here is a PDF of Monkman’s Filmography.

The Filmography of director Noel Monkman


  1. The Winged Empress (1930) A Monkman Marvelogue Series documentary that chronicles a study of bees and the attempts to artificially aid the breeding and raising of queen bees.
  2. Secrets of the Sea (1931) – A Great Barrier Reef documentary, filmed on Green Island about the marine biology and microbiology of the Reef, made as both sound and silent versions.
  3. Birds of the Barrier Reef (1931) A Great Barrier Reef documentary, about the habitats of the differing birds of the Great Barrier Reef.
  4. The Cliff Dwellers (1932) – a documentary, part of the Australian Marvellogue series, a life history of a primitive bee, found only at Port Phillip.
  5. Strange Sea Shells (1932)  A short narrated documentary about the creatures of the sea at the Great Barrier Reef, including sea slugs, mollusks, giant clams, hermit crabs and their ilk.
  6. Coral and it’s Creatures (1932) – another Barrier Reef documentary
  7. Nature’s Little Jokes (1932) An Australian Marvelogue, a documentary about the curiosities of nature: the feather plant, poison plant, gecko lizard, walking fish and a snake versus a bush rat fight to the death.
  8. People of the Ponds (1932) Another Australian Marvelogue, a look at an extinct volcano crater, water fleas and water mites are a few things shown in this short-subject.
  9. Ocean Oddities (1933) an investigation of creatures that are afforded protection on the Great Barrier Reef, a documentary.
  10. Catching Crocodiles (1933) An Australian Marvellogue documentary aboutthe differing methods of taking a crocodile both freshwater and the great estuarine.
  11. You’d Never Guess (1933) A Monkman Marvalogue, a microscopic enlargement of caterpillars, flies and preying mantis’.
  12. Secrets of the Tropical Ocean (1935) A documentary
  13. The Great Green Turtle (1935) A documentary about the life cycle of the Great Green Turtle, from the laying of the eggs to the emerging young.
  14. Sea Shells and Their Inhabitants (1935) A documentary exploring a map of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef and marine life spent in a shell. In other sources, the word Tenants is substituted for Inhabitants.
  15. Typhoon Treasure (1938) – writer, director
  16. Some Inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef (1940) an adaptation of the documentary, Ocean Oddities.
  17. The Power and the Glory (1941) – writer, director
  18. Makers of Wine (1948) A documentary describing the Australian wine industry.
  19. Australian City, Country and Coastal Scenes (1949) The second documentary which highlighted the Australian wine industry.
  20. Marvels of Miniature (1950) –a documentary of microscopic life on the Barrier Reef
  21. Australia’s Coral Wonderland (1950) An exploration of one of North Queensland’s rivers and the tropical forest along its banks, then on to the Great Barrier Reef, a continent spanning documentary.
  22. Feathered Fishers (1950) A Great Barrier Reef series documentary
  23. Emperor of the Eucalypts (1953) A documentary
  24. King of the Coral Sea (1954) – director of underwater photography
  25. Armand and Michaela Denis on the Barrier Reef (1954) A documentary; Monkman worked as photographer
  26. Deep Down Under (1956) – another Great Barrier Reef series documentary
  27. Nests in the Sun  (1956) A documentary made for television
  28. Island of Turtles (1958) A life cycle documentary of the turtles that live on the mainland and the islands of the North East Coast of Australia.
  29. Coral Kingdom (1958) – his most widely known documentary, a look at underwater life of the Coral Reef on Australia’s East coast
  30. Invisible Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef (1964) A documentary about the marine creatures of the Great Barrier Reef, and the Great Barrier Reef Green Island Marine Biology Laboratory.



By C. S. Williams


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