The Duke’s Talisman, a Colorful French Adventure, from 1913

dukes talismanmovingpicturewor19newy_0461 dukes tailsman movingpicturewor19newy_0345dukes talisman movingpicturewor19newy_0909 (2)


The Duke’s Talisman (original title:  Par l’amour) was a Gaumont  (Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont) Co. production, released in France in 1913, and in January of 1914 in the US.  Director of The Duke’s Talisman, Léonce Perret, Cinematography by Georges Specht; starring:  Jean Aymé,  René Cresté,  Émile André,  Rose Dione and Germaine Pelisse. The Duke’s Talisman was hand-colored and just five reels in length.


dukes talisman600full-rene-creste.jpg

Rene Creste

Rose Dione

Rose Dione

dukes talisman600full-leonce-perret



Stills from The Duke’s Talisman:


dukes talisman movingpicturewor19newy_0416 (2) dukes talisman movingpicturewor19newy_0416 (3) dukes talismanmotography10elec_0502 (3)



By C. S. Williams


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