Gloria Swanson, Happy Birthday! Born March 27; 1899-1983

Gloria swanson


Gloria Swanson portrait 1950

Gloria Swanson protrait 1950


70 films in 60 years, that resume can belong only to the glorious, glamorous and glitzy Gloria Swanson, the maven of the movies. Ms. (Gloria May Josephine Svensson) Swanson garnered three Academy Award nominations, for Sadie Thompson, 1928; The Trespasser, 1929 and Sunset Blvd., (she received several nominations and a few wins from critic awards and the foreign film industry for Sunset Blvd.) 1950. With Fine Manners in 1926, Swanson began a string of eight very good pictures in six years, including What a Widow, 1930, which is considered lost; the trailer and soundtrack of What a Widow survive.


gloria1319538987-mgloriabluebeards-eighth-wife-movie-poster-1923-1020198284gloriatxu-hrc-1183-1000glorialoveofsunyagloria530528.1020.Agloriac5f96df8dcb77259dc97239ffd3982d2gloriaimagesgloriawhat-a-widow-gloria-swanson-1930-everett gloriaIndiscreet1931 gloriaPoster - Tonight or Never_01 gloria o_music-in-the-air-dvd-gloria-swanson-john-boles-1934-2220gloriaPoster - Father Takes a Wife_01 gloriaPosterSunset+Boulevard


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