Virginia Gregg, Happy Birthday! Born March 6; 1916-1986

Virginia-Gregg-220x220 virginiagregg2

Ms. Gregg and her unforgettable face, her undeniable voice (a very fine vocal talent), a stiff-backed manner, made turns in many popular Hollywood movies; she was 30 when making her first appearance in film (Notorious, 1946, uncredited). She was born in Harrisburg, Illinois (near my childhood hometown of Eldorado, Illinois), also working in radio from 1949 through 1961[i], she continued to utilize that special voice 25 times in her television and film career, most notably as the voices of Tokyo Rose in Torpedo Run, 1958 and that of Norma Bates in Psycho, 1960, for which she went uncredited. Gregg was never a leading actress but she was genuinely a supporting player; her portrayal of Maj. Edna Heywood RN, in Operation Petticoat is probably her most memorable role; also, she did good work in Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, 1955, as Anne Richards.

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By C. S. Williams

[i] Gregg’s major contributions to Radio history were:

 (1949-54) “Claire ‘Brooksie’ Brooks,” in “Let George Do It,” on Mutual Radio.

(1950-52) Often guest-starred on “Nightbeat,” starring the remarkably talented, crisp toned Frank Lovejoy.

(1952-53) She voiced “Helen Asher” on CBS Radio’s “Richard Diamond, Private Detective”.

(1952-61) She had numerous guest-starring roles on “Gunsmoke” which was on CBS Radio.

(1958-60) On “Have Gun Will Travel” she provided the voice of “Miss Wong” on CBS Radio.


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