The Master Mystery, Happy Anniversary! Premiered March 1, 1919

Master Mystery French 2master-of-mmystery-f-83631mastermysterymaster-mystery-movie-poster-1919-1020202647masterAutomatonmaster+mystery

Harry Houdini, every boy’s hero, (magician, escape artist, movie star), a robot, (first portrayed in film?), “The Madagascar Madness” gas, a serial that is incomplete but still worth the ride! The Master Mystery is Available on DVD as part of a 3 disc set from Kino, featuring (the following is a copy of the Amazon description): TERROR ISLAND (1920, 55m, B&W) THE MAN FROM BEYOND (1922, 68m, Color Tinted) HALDANE OF THE SECRET SERVICE (1923, 84m, Color Tinted) THE GRIM GAME (Fragment, 1919, 5m, Color Tinted) – SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE: Filmed records of Houdini escapes (ca. 1907-23) – Audio recording of Houdini speaking (1914) – Excerpts from the NY Censor Board files – Slippery Jim, a 1910 Houdini-inspired comedy – The illusion Metamorphosis performed by Houdini s brother Hardeen and others.

mastertumblr_msf38xRxWW1qc8yyuo1_1280 masterHoudiniMastercartela

By C. S. Williams


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