Happy Presidents Day! Four Nominations for Cinematic Politics


My nominations for this Presidents Day movie ballot are strong contenders; I hope you advise and consent.


Advise & Consent, 1962, directed by Otto Preminger, starring: everybody… Great movie (if you love the inner-workings of politics), political-intrigue at its best! This is the film pinnacle of how politics actually works. Written by the grand-master of political-dramas: Allen Drury. Drury cut his teeth working for the United Press (preparing him well for his novels) as correspondent to the United States Senate.

.Advise and Consent


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939, directed by Frank Capra, starring: James Stewart and Claude Rains and Jean Arthur; the full Capraesque-experience-cum-politics



All the King’s Men, 1949, directed by Robert Rossen, starring: Broderick Crawford, John Ireland and Mercedes McCambridge. Powerful  performances light up the screen! The dark and grimy underbelly of politics.













The Best Man, another inside politics film starring Henry Fonda,  co-starring Cliff Robertson; script by Gore Vidal and directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. I don’t know if the best man always wins, but I don know that, The Best Man, is one of the best of the quite small political genre.




By C. S. Williams


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