Shirley Temple Black, Parting is such sweet sorrow, 1928-2014. A Loving Remembrance.

Our Good Ship Lollipop girl has passed leaving a legacy of sweetness, wholesomeness and joy for generations to come. Shirley Jane Temple was born on April 23rd, 1928 in Santa Monica, California.

Miss Temple started off with numerous short films[1], getting her first feature film roles in 1932 with Red Haired Alibi and Kid’s Last Stand she did have some uncredited feature-work (To the Last Man, 1933, Carolina and  As the Earth Turns, 1934) and having her scenes deleted in the 1934 production of  Mandalay.

Appearing with Hollywood elite, movie after movie, Shirley Temple acted along side with the who’s who of the Silver Screen. During her career she captured lead roles in the beloved children’s classic stories adapted for moving-pictures: Heidi, 1937 and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, 1938. And not leaving out her more adult work, she was able to  grab spots in three true classic Hollywood films: Since You Went Away, 1944, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, 1947,  and Fort Apache, 1948.

When I was a boy in the 1960’s, each week on television I watched her films, growing  more familiar with her stories, entertained and traveling to different lands, different peoples with my companion Shirley Temple. This brief description has been repeated for decades by children and parents as they have delighted in the Curly-Top, whether at the movies when they first premiered, or on TV on Saturday mornings and more recently on Beta, VHS , DVD and now streaming. We will enjoy and remember the good times, that were forever caught on celluloid, of this “not seen before, nor anyone after, once in a century” child star, Shirley Temple. Let us not mourn but let us celebrate her life’s work, her talent which she shared with us so freely and pass on our love of her work to those little ones around us, thereby trusting into their hands a gift that keeps on giving. I smiled, I laughed as I prepared this post, while looking over a lifetime of photos and posters of Miss Temple, I include them for you and hope they bring to you as much joy as they have for me today. — C. S. Williams

shirleytumblr_lp2t9qEre31qzamwro1_500 shirleytumblr_m1dejoe2wE1qhpmnao1_500 shirleytumblr_mdjrwudPOk1qm2e3qo1_500 shirley_temple Shirley Temple Shirley_Temple_310x850 Shirley+Temple+Black+12th+Annual+Screen+Actors+scEzVjlk6Vul Shirley+Temple+cook shirley2-Shirley-Temple shirley600full-shirley-temple shirley6041bc01de4cfee36345147e5d6a475a shirley1747545_59c1a1ca Shirley Temple shirleyAnnex - Temple, Shirley (I'll Be Seeing You)_01 shirleyAnnex_Temple,_Shir-1 Shirley Temple shirleycaptain-january-shirley-temple-1936-everett shirleycdbef6f18c1075c63fa66b349af4a3d6 shirleyTemple,Shirley shirley-temple shirleytemple01 ShirleyTemple225.jpg.html shirley-temple-birthday shirley-temple-black Shirley-temple-ca-1936-everett SHIRLEY-TEMPLE-PHOTOS-facebook Shirley-Temple-shirley-temple-542468_625_480 Shirley-Temple-shirley-temple-4975369-454-582 Shirley-Temple-shirley-temple-4975371-454-574 shirley-temple-young

shirleyl_23384_4c72ef06shirleyuntitledOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshirleyPoster - Change of Heart (1934)_02shirley91KdfdlrMWAswB6LV4c1nxX3QxHshirleyl_25579_82528b40shirleybaby-take-a-bow-shirley-temple-1934-everettshirleyPoster - Now and Forever (1934)_04shirleyBright-Eyes-Poster-shirley-temple-6081364-268-400shirleylittle_colonel_xlgshirley3-our-little-girl-shirley-temple-1935-everettshirleycurly-top-movie-poster-1935-1020142770shirleyThe_Littlest_Rebel_1935_film_postershirleyCaptain_January_FilmPostershirleypoor-little-rich-girl-movie-poster-1936-1020196735shirleyimg1a35shirley8183089598_36bcb440b7_cshirley+temple+wee+willie+winkieshirleyHeidi-Poster-shirley-temple-6081193-272-400shirleyil_570xN.434683763_e52vshirley110912_08_ShirleyTempleMoviePostershirleytumblr_mfrezhzW1i1qhpmnao1_500shirleylittle-princess-postershirleysusannah-of-the-mounties-21shirleyimagesshirleyyoung-people-shirley-temple-jack-everettshirley5706521_1_lshirley2396529shirleysince-you-went-away-claudette-colbert-joseph-cotten-jennifer-jones-and-shirley-temple-1944shirleyill-be-seeing-you-movie-postershirleytumblr_lx18fdN5V41qhpmnao1_500shirleyhoneymoonshirley1354710753shirleythat-hagen-girl-ronald-reagan-rory-everettshirleyFort_Apacheshirleymr-belvedere-goes-to-college-movie-poster-1949-1020706152shirleyADVENTUREINBALTIMOREshirleythe-story-of-seabiscuit-1949shirley20662_1_front

By C. S. Williams

[1] Runt Page, 1932 / War Babies, 1932 / The Pie-Covered Wagon, 1932 / Glad Rags to Riches, 1933 / Kid in Hollywood, 1933 / The Kid’s Last Fight, 1933 / Polly Tix in Washington, 1933 / Dora’s Dunking Doughnuts, 1933 / Kid ‘In’ Africa, 1933 / Merrily Yours, 1933 / What’s to Do?, 1933, New Deal Rhythm [uncredited], 1933 / Pardon My Pups, 1934 / Managed Money, 1934


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