Ida Lupino, Happy Birthday! Born February 4th; 1918-1995

Classic Film Aficionados

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Actress, writer, producer and director, the First Lady of Hollywood-Multiplicity and the Poster-Girl for Film Noir, both in front of the camera and behind; Lupino starred in some of the finest of the hard-edged films of the 1940’s. As with many actresses, she began with simple turns in sweet and neat movies, those mainly in 1930’s; she won no Academy Awards, nary a nomination from Mr. Oscar, but in 1943 she did receive Best Actress  for The Hard Way from the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Ida Lupino or “Mother of Us All”, as she was know on the set when directing, was the second (Dorothy Arzner the first) woman accepted into the Directors Guild of America, a member from 1950 to 1995.

Beautiful, crisp speaking, pleading tones that brought the high and low vocal qualities together; and a crisp directing style, direct and to the point, with a frugal hand…

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