Feed the Kitty, Happy Anniversary! Premiered, February, 2nd, 1952.

Feed the Kitty, directed by Chuck M. Jones (also, he designed the characters), gave us the first appearances of bulldog Marc Antony and Pussyfoot the kitten; 3 follow ups were made: Kiss Me Cat, 1953; Feline Frame-Up, 1954, and in 1958, Cat Feud. This truly is a funny animated short (7 minutes long) film, and heart-touching, with a message of tolerance; Jones and company did themselves proud. The story was written by Michael Maltese, Carl W. Stalling composed the music and filled the duties of musical director, Milt Franklyn was musical-orchestrator while Treg Brown was the film and sound effects editor. Kitty was produced by Edward Selzer, voices by Mel Blanc and Bea Benaderet provided the voice of Marc Antony’s Mistress. Thank you Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes for another great cartoon, and for adding more wonderful thoughts and pictures to our mind’s memory bank.

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Note on the side:

If you have a copy (or a very good memory) of Monsters, Inc. from 2001, then you will see that the reactions by Sully when he thinks that Boo is in the garbage compactor, shot for shot duplicates Marc Anthony’s reactions, when he thinks that Pussyfoot is being made into cookies

Behind the Scenes:


By C. S. Williams


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