The Loves of Pharaoh (Das Weib des Pharao) , 1922; Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

Classic Film Aficionados

If we were to say about an athlete that they gave a 90% effort  we would be dissatisfied to the say the least. But in this case, the case of “The Loves of Pharaoh” or Das Weib des Pharao (The Wife of the Pharaoh), 1922, 90% is just fine and heads and shoulders above many other entries that are at 100%; that is what is left of this early German film, 100 minutes remaining of its original 110. Pharaoh was blessed by some of the most ridiculously extravagant costumes in film history, these by by Ali Hubert, Ernö Metzner and Ernst Stern, which highlight this Historical Epic by famed musical and comedy director Ernst Lubitsch.


The art direction is as complex and detailed as the costumes, and as opulent as and rivaling the grandeur of other mega-sets seen in Intolerance, 1916, The Ten Commandments, 1923, Ben Hur, 1925 and Metropolis…

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