Vertigo, 1958. One Man’s Obsession, My Growing Admiration for this Masterpiece

Classic Film Aficionados

With each passing year Vertigo becomes more profound, insightful, intricate and beautiful (hopefully I am not the only one to see and appreciate the graceful aging of this masterwork); all of these facets culminate to cause an obsession for this colorful Film-Noir, providing the viewer another step up their own personal dizziness-inducing, mind-bending “Mission San Juan Bautista” staircasepiece, marching ever upward toward that inevitable OCD-landing, simply know as, “As Anything Hitchcockian Syndrome”, which is a branch of the more commonly know and widely understood malady: “Director Envy”. Both resemble  modern descriptions of older problems (which we are now savvy enough to dub as a “disease ”) which many have had to go it alone, facing the debilitating symptoms,  but wrote it off to that yearly celebration called birthday; henceforth this ailment will be referred to (at least for the purposes of this article) AAHS. If the disorder exists I have…

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