Tarzan of the Apes, Happy Anniversary! Premiered Sunday, January 27th, 1918 at the Broadway Theater in New York City, located at 41st Street and Broadway.

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This is an important date in the collective memory of U.S. cinema-goers , because on this date we saw an American fictional character, who was hugely popular, make the transition to celluloid. The movie Tarzan of the Apes was released just 5 years and 3 months after the original story, of the same name, was printed in All-Story Magazine in October of 1912, penned by the adventure-king, Edgar Rice Burroughs, with the novel being published in 1914 by A. C. McClurg.

This film adaptation of the Ape Man starred Elmo Lincoln as the elder Tarzan the jungle, Gordon Griffith as the wild-child and Enid Markey as Jane Porter; this was the film debut for actor Rex Ingram, with his work uncredited. Author Burroughs was not satisfied with the casting choice of Lincoln but the public could not get enough of it and him, carrying this film to a gross of more than 1-million dollars, making it…

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