High Sierra (1941) and 101 Dalmatians (1961), Happy Anniversary! Premiered Nationally on January 25th. Both a Celebration of the Villain

Classic Film Aficionados

High Sierra, 1941 directed by Raoul Walsh, written by John Huston and W.R. Burnett. Starring Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart, with Arthur Kennedy, Joan Leslie, Henry Travers and Cornel Wilde. This would be the last film where Bogart did not receive top billing.

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101 Dalmatians with the voice talents of: Rod Taylor (Pongo), Betty Lou Gerson (Cruella De Vil),  Tom Conway (Quizmaster / Collie) and Mary Wickes (Prissy’s Owner). Keep an eye open for cameos by popular  Lady and the Tramp characters, 1955, which may be seen in Twilight Bark scene: Jock  barking into a drainpipe to a dog in an upper apartment; Peg and her friend the bulldog can be seen in a pet shop and Lady and Tramp are briefly shown with several dogs at the end of the scene.

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