Christian Dior, Happy Birthday!, Born January 21st; 1905-1957

Christian Dior

A short but powerful film presence belonged to this Haute Couture Designer; with more than 20 credits over the course of just 15 years in our world-wide movieland; 1 Academy Award nomination for Stazione Termini (Indiscretion of an American Wife), 1953 (nomination came in 1955). Dior provided dresses and gowns for some of the most cultured, beautiful and charming actresses (Cyd Charisse-glamor herself, Falling in love again-Marlene Dietrich, Olivia de Havilland-as elegant and lively as her name and Myrna Loy she-of-supreme sophistication) of his day and working for a motley crew of directors (Vittorio De Sica,  Alfred Hitchcock, Julien Duvivier, Norman Krasna and René Clair) during his short silver-screen career.

Stills of Dior’s wardrobe work:

diorb62824d3622a4c45e5bded1755adc4cddiorOliviaLibel diorOliviadior2INDISCRETION OF AN AMERICAN WIFE, (aka STAZIONE TERMINI), Jennifer Jones, 1953.dior09m diorc70e9df04c185d6040974b3a62ada823diorMV5BODg0OTY3ODE2MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjI5NTUyNw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_diorstage-fright-marlene-dietrich-wearing-a-suit-by-christian-dior-1950

dioren3869 diorLettres_d_amour_1942diorle_baron_fantomediorle-silence-est-d-ordiorfilm4301diorles_enfants_terribles-20110128091255dioruntitleddioren7143 diorStazione_Termini_(1953) dior220px-Daughters_of_Destiny_posterdiorThe_Ambassador's_Daughter_FilmPoster dior1961+black_tights


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