The Knockout, 1914 and its poster-art-treasure-trove: 100 years removed, oh what a change!

Poster for “Counted Out” which is an adaptation from “The Knockout”

Scene from “The Knockout”, 1914

In June of 1914 on Thursday the 11th, The Knockout premiered; early on in this 27 minute short (starring Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, produced by the Keystone Film Company and Mack Sennett, as well as directed by the comic genius and released by Mutual Film)  we see a sign that says “Town Hall” (later the boxing match will be held there) we see 4 movie posters, promoting 3 films, of the 3 films, only the Caught in a Cabaret poster, (at least in my research, if you have information, please contact me) remains in its original form.

Caught in a Cabaret (2 posters, 1 large to the left of the entrance to “Town Hall” and to the right of the entrance, a smaller poster), 1914, was directed by the deft Mabel Normand and produced by the Keystone Film Company and released by Mutual Film.


French reissue


Our second advert is for Out of the Night, 1914, directed by Walter Edwards, produced by the Domino Film Company, distributed by Mutual Film.

Finally, Love’s Sacrifice, 1914, directed by George Osborne, produced by Kay-Bee Pictures and released by Mutual Film.

What a loss of art we have, not only of the 80 – 90 % of the moving art of silent films that are lost for good at the worst, or at the best “whereabouts unknown”, but also much of the poster art-work is lost even to those surviving films that we are privileged to have with us. This loss that we all experience (from the movie-lover to the student of film), caused by ignorance, economic realities and a lack of historical foresight, is our reason for corporate bemoaning and yet in the midst of this silent wasteland, we rejoice for those bits and flickers that did survive.


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