Happy Birthday! To Actresses: Vilma Bánky and Anita Louise

Vilma Bánky, known as”The Hungarian Rhapsody” was a star of the first magnitude; appearing in just 26 movies, yet, her name is written in bold letters over the history of Hollywood and her image should be indelibly pressed into the hearts and minds of film-lovers everywhere. Grace and beauty were her middle names; an entertainer of yesteryear gone but not forgotten.

vilma-banky VilmaBanky_Final_edited-1 vilma-banky-3 vilmabanky213 vilmabanky364 VilmaBanky-AtRoyalCourt VilmaBankyNov26 vilmamemo018 velmaBankyLargeOval velma-banky-three-quarters-into-camera-with-hair-bobbed-and-long-fur-collar velmabilderdaniela011 velmaimages velmarebel2 velmauntitled Vilma_Banky-Rudolph_Valentino_in_The_Eagle-851x1024 vilma9065786114_a1988605a7_ovelmaAwakeningTheHS velmabanky137 velmaCopyof1927 velmathe-eagle-vilma-banky-rudolph-everett velma!B6ytwgQBGk~$(KGrHqQOKnMEy1t9tWyLBMybp76J-g~~-1_35 velma1images velma08f2306a7e625dd9b563590b9578545c velma47255445_o

Anita Louise began acting at the age 6 her first film (an uncredited role) was in Down to the Sea in Ships, 1922 and made more than 70 films. An actress who shone bright for while, making her mark in a few very good films, while building a resume not easily forgotten.

anita%2Blouiseanitauntitled Anita_Louise,_Roger_Pryor-Glamour_for_Sale,_1940-Promo1 anita_louise_201x150w190 anita_louise-apple anita500full anita105289041_1930s-exquisite-anita-louise-art-deco-portrait- anitaaustralian_db_act_of_loyalty_JC04226_L anitaaustralian_db_blind_faith_JC04226_L anitafadc2ed7fb6cbc655c91fbb07bdba391 anitagreen_light_movie_poster anitaimages anitalf anita-louise anitalouise2 anitalouise307 anitamjKOcWe62Oz_hQt7Mia4p6A anitamkiCKR1aD2ZLeKJr9w7YXYA anitatumblr_matz1uTv7Y1qzdvhio1_500


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