Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ, Happy Anniversary! Premiered in New York City, December 30th, 1925

As we can see from the posters, lobby cards, programs and ads for Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ, every means and all tools were used to promote this film, yet, because of its budget (most expensive of the silent era at 3.9 million) it lost money on its initial run, finally making a little profit in the re-release in 1931 when a score and sound-effects were added. (See our post about another Easter favorite, from 1935: Golgotha)

BenHur1925_preview ben-hur-1925-1 ben-hur-1925-belge(2) benhur1925cinorcv ben-hur-a-tale-of-the-christ-sheboygan-press-271101-p14 benhurimagesben-hur-img-26968ben hur MV5BMTM3ODM0OTE1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjc3Mzc4._V1_SX640_SY720_Ben Hur, A Tale of the Christ_02Ben-Hur_(Klaw_&_Erlanger)ben hurLCBENHURSC4WMben hurdiLPgZC8L7LIm0uVXPNv9uB0DCZben hur programm 043-ben-hur-theredlistben hur program for new york premeirinterests_09ben hurdiLPgZC8L7LIm0uVXPNv9uB0DCZben hurlbenhur1a1_600ben hurThePictureShowASben hur038-ben-hur-theredlistben hur036-ben-hur-theredlistben hur037-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 042-ben-hur-theredlist

Stills from Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ:

ben hur 062-ben-hur-theredlist

Forty-eight cameras were used to film the sea battle, a record for a single scene.

ben hur 066-ben-hur-theredlist

The Guinness Book of World Records (2002 edition), relates that Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ, contains the most edited scene in cinema history. Editor Lloyd Nosler compressed 200,000 feet (60,960 meters) of film into a mere 750 feet (228.6 meters) for the chariot race scene – a ratio of 267:1 (film shot to film shown).


The religious scenes were all shot in Technicolor along with Ben Hur’s entrance into Rome and some of the interiors.

ben-hur-color01ben-hur-color04benhurd8cc82  ben hur 006-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 009-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 045-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 058-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 064-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 073-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur 077-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur row06.02-BenHur   ben hur003-ben-hur-theredlist OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ben hur029-ben-hur-theredlist ben hur00239 ben hur6011207_f520 ben hurGinger-673 1926 Ramon Navarro Ben Hur benhur Annex%2520-%2520Bushman%2C%2520Francis%2520X_%2520%28Ben%2520Hur%2C%2520A%2520Tale%2520of%2520the%2520Christ%29_02 benhur ywjyU

ben-hurbenhurWilliamFarnumBenHurben hur 002-ben-hur-theredlistben-hur-theredlistben hur 008-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 065-ben-hur-theredlistben hur041-ben-hur-theredlistben hur032-ben-hur-theredlistben hur001-ben-hur-theredlistbenhur Ramon-Novarro-Judah-Ben-Hur-and-Francis-X-Bushman-Messala-Ben-Hur-A-Tale-Of-The-Christ-1925ben hur 054-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 1181739354ben hur 053-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 004-ben-hur-theredlistbenhuruntitled

Behind the scenes stills:

ben hur 060-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 069-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 061-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 059-ben-hur-theredlistben hur 057-ben-hur-theredlistBen Hur 1925ben hur 075-ben-hur-theredlistben hur ac-1926-ben-hur-2-copy


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