Roy Ward Baker, Happy Birthday! Born December 19th; 1916-2010

roy untitled

Roy Ward Baker

Roy Ward Baker was not exactly a journeyman director for he showed flashes of brilliance throughout his career. As early as 1947 and The October Man, he revealed that he could craft a tense narrative. Again, with Don’t Bother to Knock, in 1952 Baker found a project that met his real talent, that of suspense. The sum total of his resume can be boiled down to, that while sticking to what he could do best, Roy Ward Baker made good movies, whether it be Operation Disaster (Morning Departure), 1950 or A Night To Remember in 1958, Baker had the aptitude for birthing anxiety in the movie-watcher, causing a deep dark foreboding, unsettling the mind as to the outcome of the story.

roy octmanroy morning-departure-movie-poster-1946-1010674069roy DontBotherP

Director for on location filming; uncredited

Director for on location filming; uncredited

roy night_without_sleep_xlgroy inferno_ver2roy JACQUELINEUK1SHroy A-Night-To-Rememberroy 20z0Gtkf0kN2J1sQ6AIGRxhg63N



By C. S. Williams


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