It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Movie Extraordinaire!

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By the time director Frank Capra had come to the project of “It’s a Wonderful Life” he had already mastered the ability to tell a warm-hearted tale, with films such as: The Miracle Woman, 1931, American Madness, 1932, Lady for a Day, 1933, It Happened One Night, 1934, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, 1936, Lost Horizon, 1937, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939 and Meet John Doe, 1941. Many critics have tried to dismiss the “sentimental” movies of Capra which have received the moniker Capraesque (this word now appears have the meaning either derogatorily or complimentary depending upon which side of the fence one falls on), this dismissal seems directed to his film-making compassion, sensitivity, kindness, love and heart.

My wife, Margaret, and I have been privileged to see “Wonderful Life” on the big screen more than once, but each time it fills our hearts with gladness, and reminds us…

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