George Stevens, Happy Birthday! December 18th: 1904-1975

George Stevens

George Stevens

Too many great films to make mention of here but I will say that one after another, Stevens delivered a movie-experience to the viewer that few directors have provided. More than 60 credits as cinematographer (this work was done on short-films, mostly in the silent era and not a few talkies up to 1933); 16 screenplays, 13 films produced and more than 50 movies directed, with 9 Academy Award nominations and 2 Oscars on the shelf and many other awards and nominations to boot. That is enough work for two careers for some people.

He will be remembered always for working with some of the brightest stars, creating deeply moving dramas, tight intelligent comedies, rousing adventures, all of which were wonderfully photographed; thank you George Stevens for so many magical-movie-times.

george tntcgeorge alicgeorge Annie-Oakley-1935george swing-timegeorge DamselInDistress1937_previewgeorge gunga_din_xlggeorge 936full-penny-serenade-postergeorge woman-of-the-year-1942george talk+of+the+town+postergeorge The-More-The-Merriergeorge i-remember-mamageorge a_place_in_the_sungeorge image006george giant+poster+4george The_Diary_of_Anne_Frank_(1959_film)george greatest_story_ever_told

By C. S. Williams


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