Helen Logan, Happy Birthday! Born December 13th; 1906-1989

Helen Logan began her screenwriting career in 1935, with Fox Pictures and stayed with them until she stopped writing in 1946. Along the way she penned a few film-series (Charlie Chan, The Jones Family and The Cisco Kid), spending the better part of the 1930’s writing B-pictures.

helenAT-5-6-CharlieChanEgypthelencharlie-chans-secret-1936helencharlie_chan_at_the_circus_xlghelencharlie_chan_at_the_race_track_xlghelenCharlie_Chan_at_the_Olympics_FilmPosterhelen charlie_chan_on_broadwayhelencharlie-chan-at-monte-carlo-movie-poster-1937-1020143512helen charlie-chan-in-city-in-darkness-movie-poster-1939-1020416686helen 234239-charlie_chan_s_murder_cruise_largehelen $T2eC16Z,!)0E9s37HkiKBQ,c82y5lw~~60_35helen lucky-cisco-kid-movie-poster-1940-1020677039

In the 1940’s Logan moved up to A-films; working with such actresses as Betty Grable, Sonja Henie, Carmen Miranda, Vivian Blaine, and Alice Faye. As I look back over the films that she wrote, I feel quite sentimental, because these are the movies I grew up watching on TV on Saturday afternoons. Many of these are the staples of film-fun. With that said, I think her best work (and most recognizable) came in 1944 with ‘Four Jills in a Jeep”.

helen MOV_c1c1d262_bhelen the-man-who-wouldnt-talk-movie-poster-1958-1020689519helen tin-pan-alley-movie-poster-1940-1020197070helen MOV_a13f8717_bhelen 220px-SunValleySerenadehelen 220px-Songislandshelen footlight_serenadehelen b70-10015helen 1w5B5EkOGLvbSreOlgdK5CJmosGhelen four-jills-in-a-jeep-movie-poster-1944-1020676593helen 1944_-_Something_for_the_Boys_Movie_Posterhelen pin-up-girl-movie-poster-1944-1020143710

By C. S. Williams


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