Victor McLaglen, Happy Birthday, 1886-1959


Who would think that a young boxer, the son of a minister, forced out of the British Army (when they found he was only 14 years old), would end up as film-star, receive two Academy Award nominations and go home with one Oscar? “Only in the moves” we would say, yet, that was the beginnings for Victor McLaglen. (See further information on Mr. McLaglen)

McLaglen vs.  Jack Johnson (World Heavyweight Champion) 6 Round Exhibition Fight, 1909.

McLaglen vs.
Jack Johnson (World Heavyweight Champion)
6 Round Exhibition Fight, 1909



Victor McLaglen

McLaglen started strong in film and never looked back, his star shone brightly, quickly. He was nominated and won for Best Actor for “The Informer”, 1935. McLaglen’s, second nomination, (without a win, a shame, really) was for 1952’s “The Quiet Man”, in the Supporting Actor category. One memorable film upon another is his resume filled with. A great smile, a hearty laugh, a bulking presence, equally comfortable in dramas, comedies and action pictures, he appeared in more than 110 films.

Many a strong man has tried to have a varied film career, venturing from the action-adventure genre (which they are naturally suited for) into comedies and dramas, but few have succeeded as Victor McLaglen did.

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By C. S. Williams


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