Kirk Douglas, Happy Birthday!


Leading man ability from the beginning of his career, a powerful resume, with few bad choices by the cleft-chin-one. He  received  three Academy Award nominations for Champion in 49, The Bad and the Beautiful, 52 and Lust for Life in 1956. You could watch a different Douglas movie each night for a month and not grow bored or wearied by a bad-apple.

kirkstrange_love_of_martha_ivers_xlgkirkoutokirkmy_dear_secretarykirkPoster - Champion (1949)_02kirkYoung_Man_with_a_Horn_(film)kirkthe_glass_menagerie-6kirkdetective_story_xlgkirk220px-Bad_and_the_beautifulmovieposterkirk220px-20000leaguesposterkirkLust_for_lifekirkpaths-of-glory-2kirkposter3kirkseven-days-in-may-movie-poster-1964-1020361346kirkin-harms-way

By C. S. Williams


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