Georges Méliès, Happy Birthday, 1861-1938

Happy Birthday to film-pioneer Georges Méliès; gone, but definitely not forgotten. Directing 552 movies from 1896-1913. The father of special-effects, the father of science-fiction cinema. The whole of the movie audience owes Mr. Méliès a huge thank you, as well as this celebration of his birthday. His talent was dearly needed to help establish the young art form of film, he did that and more. Not only establishing, but, expanding the borders, paving the way for generations of movie-makers and movie-goers to come. Take the time and visit the magic of Georges Méliès, many of his films are viewable on YouTube. Have fun…

Georges Mélièsle-voyage-dans-la-lune-georges-melies-1902-tableau-7b ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Spreading his wings … Georges Méliès in a film in which he turns a sleeping woman into a butterfly. Georges Mélièswc22a georges-melies-11 georgemelies10-big Georges Méliès1272.original Georges Méliès1532.original Georges Mélièsastronomer Georges MélièsHUGO-MELIES_320

By C. S. Williams


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